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About Us

Why Should You Shop with Us?

95% of our products are Made In America.

We carry over 65 vendors, with 55 of them proudly Made In America. They offer you choices in style, color, wood and dimensions. In addition, we offer these products at reasonable prices. We are proud to offer you products that are made in America, built by American workers, using American hardwoods. In these tough times, we are doing our part to keep Americans employed.

We have been voted best "Solid Wood Furniture Store" by the Daytona Beach News Journal Reader’s Choice Awards, for the last 22 consecutive years.

We have also been voted:

  • Best Furniture Store
  • Best Dinette Store
  • Best Store for Custom Entertainment Furniture
  • Best Outdoor Furniture Store

We are members of the following:

  • Ormond Beach Chamber of Commerce
  • Holly Hill Chamber of Commerce
  • Port Orange Chamber of Commerce
  • National Home Furnishings Association

One Year Parts and Labor Warranty

Amish Home Furnishings stands behind all manufacturer warranties with free parts and labor for one full year, unless noted as “as-is” on your sales ticket. After one year, there is a fee for in-home inspection and an hourly labor charge for non-warranty parts and repairs. In addition, some of our vendors offer longer warranties that can cover manufacturer defects up to a lifetime.

Guardsman Furniture Protection Plan

This is a supplemental insurance.The Guardsman Elite Furniture Protection Plan, is available for a nominal fee at the time of purchase. It will protect your furniture for 5 years from time of purchase against defects in material, workmanship or accidental damage. Coverage must be requested prior to delivery.

Relaxed and Knowledgable Sales Associates

We strive to provide a very relaxed atmosphere for our customers to shop in. Our non-commission sales associates really know our products and are ready to assist you in finding the furniture that will best suit your needs.

Choices, Choices and more Choices

Amish Home Furnishings offers a range of product which allows you diversity and choice. Many of our products are available in different woods as well as a variety of finishes, from stains to paints. We also retain the ability to create pieces just for your space no matter how large or how small. Our vast assortment of showcased merchandise is just the tip of the iceberg in options for your home or office. Choice is a freedom our customers can enjoy. This is a luxury we maintain and another reason we stand out above all the rest!!

State of the Art Computer System

Amish Home Furnishings utilizes a computer system that tracks your order from the time it is written until it is delivered. Every conversation between the customer, Amish Direct employees and our vendors is noted to provide the latest, most accurate information. We utilize bar coded inventory control so we know exactly what is on hand. You can call us any time to check on your order and if we don’t have current information, we will get it and contact you back.

When it comes to estimating the lead time it will take to receive you furniture, we give you our honest, best estimate. We do not play games and tell you it will be sooner, just to get your order. We then track your order to ensure that we meet or beat this estimate. After your furniture is received, you are called within hours to set up delivery.

We pride ourselves on running a very well organized, efficient operation. . We have the best staff. Our number one goal is to meet or exceed your expectations.


We offer a variety of financing options. We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express. We also offer financing programs through Wells Fargo Financials. See store for details.

Delivery Info

  • Professional
  • Experienced
  • Convenient

Standard Delivery Area:

Delivery fee outside the area will be calculated based on distance and amount of sale.

We deliver on our own trucks with our own delivery crews. We offer free delivery for orders over $2000 to our local Volusia and Flagler county area, or for a small delivery fee if purchasing less than $2,000 or outside our local area.

Our crew does its best to accommodate your schedule, but it is impossible to set exact delivery times. We will call you a day ahead of your scheduled delivery date to confirm and to provide you with a four hour delivery window. We realize that many people have busy schedules, so we also offer to call you at home, work, or on your cell 30 minutes before the delivery crew arrives. Please let your sales person know if you have any special time constraints and we will do our best to meet your special needs.

Since we only have a limited time for each stop, it is essential that the area where you would like your furniture set up is easy to access, clean, and ready. If you have any special needs, you will need to make prior arrangements with the store or it will be difficult to meet your expectations. We recommend that you make these arrangements at the time of sale or when scheduling your delivery. This will help us prepare to give you the amount of time needed when we make the delivery schedule.

Customer Pick-Up

If you are picking up your furniture at our warehouse, come Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Please call two hours in advance and we will have it ready for you when you arrive.

Buying Tips - Measuring your Home

Why it's important and how to measure your home for new furniture

Before buying furniture, it is important to measure the space it will go into. However, there is more to this than just measuring width, height, and depth. A common reason for furniture being returned to the retailer is that the furniture doesn't fit into the room the way the customer expected.

A quick and simple way to test for a furniture fit is to lay out pieces of string with the width and depth of your furniture on the floor. Then have a friend hold another piece of string the height of your furniture from one of the front corners while you stand back in the room and visualize the piece in your room with the string dimensions as a guide. If you are having difficulty visualizing the piece, you can tape cardboard boxes or panels together with the dimensions of your furniture for a more definitive model.

One problem that is not uncommon with large pieces of furniture is that customers will measure to make sure the furniture fits in the room, but do not measure if the furniture will fit through the home to the room it is going in. Common holdups are most often doorways and angled hallways. Please make sure your furniture will not only fit in your room, but also that we can get it there.

Many pieces of furniture are designed with a certain scale in mind. Some couches, for example, are designed to be placed away from the wall in a large room to allow reclining, while others are designed to fit against a corner or wall to maximize space in a smaller room. This is true for all types of furniture, from home entertainment and dining to office and bedroom. Make sure you are buying an item that is appropriately scaled to your room.

Decorating Guide

Furnishing your home can be a wonderful, exciting experience, but it can also be quite frustrating. To ease some of this, Amish Home Furnishings has created a decorating guide. We hope this will be helpful.

Style Decisions

The first step in choosing your furniture and accessories is deciding on your style. Are you traditional, contemporary, country, eclectic, or transitional?


Traditional categories include the English style Queen Anne and the French style Louie Philippe, with their rich tones such as cherry and mahogany and carved turned legs.

Country & Cottage

Country lines are simple or slightly adorned. Woods are usually oak or pine, and are finished in a light to medium stain. Some pieces are painted in one color or in a combination of colors.

The cottage look is available in many colors and can have bead board backing.


Contemporary lines are smooth and straight. Wood tones range from natural to dark, as well as many painted finishes. Woods can be oak, maple, alder, and hickory. Frosted or tinted glass can be a nice accent in some of these pieces.


Eclectic is the most versatile of all, as you can mix and match styles, woods, and even incorporate family heirlooms into any room. It is truly your own style. Contrast is the most important element. Take modern or contemporary and add one or two pieces of Louis Philippe or country. Try not to make it an even match. Two thirds of one style and the balance different is usually a good rule of thumb.


Transitional is an easy-to-live-with style, blending contemporary with the best of the past. This style works extremely well with open floor plans such as great rooms where you have living room and office or dining in one large area, creating continuity from one to the other.


Once you have decided on your style, you can move forward with accessories and create your own beautiful living space.

A wide variety of accessories are available to complement any decor. Lamps, Pictures, boats, and antique cars are just a few.

Glass pieces in vibrant color can enhance the look of any room. Pillows and rugs can do the same.


We offer a variety of woods and finishes such as oak, cherry, pine, maple, hickory, and alder. Many of our manufacturers offer the same piece in many woods or finishes.

We also work with several companies that offer standard products that they can customize for you, including design, options, wood, and finishes. This will allow you to have a truly unique piece of furniture.